Episode 1.10: Fundraising & Budgeting Systems

We youth leaders understand frugality, especially in small churches. But how do you know when you're being frugal, and when you're just underfunding your youth program?

Further, how do we get our church to help pay for the youth program? 

Today's guest, Glen Guyton, has GREAT advice on these topics and more. As someone who spent years in youth ministry, he's got lots of experience. As an added bonus, he's currently the Executive Director for the Mennonite Church USA. So he's got lots of perspective to share!

We mentioned a bunch of books:
Sustainable Youth Ministry, by Mark DeVries

Smaller(er) Church Youth Ministry, by Brad Fiscus and Stephanie Caro

Sticky Faith, from the Fuller Youth Institute

Growing Young, also from the Fuller Youth Institute

Stephen Hale