Episode 1.8: Systems for Communication

Do you ever feel like you have to communicate in 16 different ways to be heard by everyone? Or do you feel like people often complain they don't know what's going on in the youth program? Communication takes a lot of time for youth workers, but it's very important. Figuring out what communication your youth group needs is an important part of being an effective youth worker.

This episode gives some concrete advice on how to do that well. Our interview with Seth Muse helps us think through that strategy in a broader way.

And finally, we check in with Patricia Cogles at the end of the episode, who we last heard from in Episode 2. She talks about her need for self-care, and the impact Parkland has had in her youth group. Patricia discusses how she helped her youth process difficult questions, when she feels she isn't sure of the right answers, either. Patricia's experiences can help us understand our own approaches to discussing this topic in youth group.



Tons were mentioned this week!

Seth mentioned MailChimp. Mailchimp is a way to automate great looking emails, and that translates to saving you time (eventually). It also lets you track how many readers are opening emails, what links are clicked, and other great stuff.

He mentioned two programs you can use to send text messages to large groups, like your entire youth group. They're Remind and GroupMe. Look for them in your app store.

Seth mentioned an email checklist on his blog. You can find it here!

The Buffer Podcast (Buffer is the program that lets you schedule social media posts): the podcast website is here.

Building a StoryBrand, by Donald Miller.

Pro Church Tools, by Brady Shearer gives tons of communication tools and tips.

Youth Ministry: Small Church Group

Youth Ministry: Small Church Communications Tips

Stephen’s personal Instagram account (which he uses for his youth program) is @Elsteve9 

Stephen Hale