Episode 1.4: Rebooting a Youth Program

There often comes a time in the life of a church in which a major ministry needs to be restarted from scratch. 

Like a youth program.

In this episode, we talk about how to do that well. How do we find the important people to bring in?

More than that...what do we do? Small churches have the ability to do all sorts of interesting work in communities. Because of how nimble small churches are, they get some options that larger churches have difficulty accessing. 

This episode, we interview Carl Dodd, and check in again with Amanda Kan.
Carl has been helping churches figure out how to reach out to the youth in their community for years, both in the USA and the UK. He's got a ton of helpful tips on rebooting a youth program.

Amanda's doing well! She's got community developing in her youth group, parents are learning to trust her...and they're sharing the love of Jesus with adults in the community. Awesome!
OH. But I said in the episode I spoke to Amanda 6 weeks ago in real life. That's wrong. It was closer to three months. 

Show Notes:

I THINK the only book mentioned was...

Sustainable Youth Ministry by Mark DeVries. Again. Here's the link!

And Carl leads Small Church Matters www.smallchurchmatters.com  . It's still in development, but keep an eye on him! He's working to provide resources to small churches that are normally only accessible to churches with a lot of money, including consultants.


Stephen Hale