Episode 1.6: Curriculum is Your Best Friend

In the second episode of our mini-series on teaching well, Jen Bradbury talks about using curriculum well. She wrote a fantastic series of blog posts, filled with concrete ideas. You've got to read them!

It takes time to find curriculum that you are comfortable working with. Jen talks about why that is time well spent. 


Jen wrote three great (I mean GREAT) blog posts on using curriculum well. Why You Shouldn't Write Curriculumthen 9 Keys to Choosing Curriculumand finally Seven Ways to Tweak Curriculum. They ain't fancy, but they're super helpful.

Looking for fancy? Check out Jen's books, including The Jesus Gap, which we mentioned a few times in this episode. Also, Jen's blog is pretty great.

Jen mentioned all kinds of great stuff. Most of these are good places to find curriculum!
The Youth Cartel

Download Youth Ministry (often called DYM) has lots of awesome games, but also curriculum, training, etc. They've got a subscription service, and it's quite popular.

The Source 4 Youth Ministry (run by Jonathan McKee)

Jen mentioned YM Sidekick, which I had not previously heard of. Looks awesome (and Jen said it was awesome, so....)

She also mentioned two writers she likes quite a bit. Heather Lee Campbell blogs here, and Stephanie Caro has written so much stuff it's hard to know what to point you toward. So instead, I'll remind you that, if you tag us on Facebook or Instagram, we'll send you a copy of a Stephanie Caro & Brad Fiscus book, Small(er) Church Youth Ministry: No Staff, No Money, No Problem!  

Stephen Hale