Episode 1.5: Teaching Well

This episode starts a series on teaching more effectively. For many of us, teaching is one of the most intimidating parts of being a youth leader. That’s understandable. This episode, and the next episodes, are designed to help you improve as a teacher.


We interview Terry Linhart today, who has been training youth leaders for decades. He’s got a pile of great tips.

Head's up: Terry was using satellite internet in the middle of a blizzard, so there are a few small audio problems. 

Show Notes:

Terry mentioned a few of his own books, including Teaching the Next Generations: A Comprehensive Guide for Teaching Christian FormationThis is the book Terry mentioned earlier in the inteview. Each chapter is about a totally different topic, so that this one book becomes a constantly helpful resource.

He also mentioned a book he wrote called The Self-Aware Leader toward the end of the interview. 

Hurt, by Chap Clark should be required reading for all youth leaders in the USA. Chap did a massive research project, and discovered things about how teenagers have changed since most of us were young. This book was a landmark in youth ministry when it was released.

No Supplies Required, old Group book. There are a few used copies on Amazon here.

Doug Franklin Leader Treks anything Doug & Angie Franklin are putting down, I’m picking up. https://www.leadertreks.org/

DYM has been helpful. They can be found at www.downloadyouthministry.com. 

Jen Bradbury blogs regularly at www.ymjen.com and wrote  The Jesus GapAlso? We're interviewing her next week!

The Self-Aware Leader is good for volunteer teams

Stephen Hale