Episode 1.1: What IS Youth Ministry?

At its core, what is youth ministry? The answer to that question is more straightforward than you might think. Most churches believe youth ministry is all about discipleship (though we sometimes define that a bit differently).

And practically speaking, most discipleship comes through relationships. Our guest today, Tyler Jarvis, has a lot to say about how those relationships actually work in youth ministry to foster discipleship.

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Show Notes:

www.tylerjarvis.com, and his post on Youth Specialties

Andrew Root’s series on Introducing Theological Topics has four books on Theology, Scripture, The Cross, and Eschatology.

Tyler mentioned David Fraize, Not-So-Simple Truths about Youth Ministry

We mentioned a book and said it was a big deal in 20th century theology. Here's a series of blog posts about that book, which is probably a passable introduction: Jürgen Moltmann, The Crucified God


 Amanda Kan mentioned the Grow Curriculum/system from Stuff You Can Use. It's DEFINITELY worth a look!

Also Mentioned:

Society 6 prints great stuff, including my Moltmann pillow.

Sticky Faith is about how to help youth develop faith that endures into adulthood.

I mentioned that there are theories about how faith (tends to) grow and change in most people. The most well-known model is from a guy named James Fowler. It's highly debated, but probably still valuable. Even if you don't like it, seeing something laid out this way might help you process how you see faith develop in your youth. Here's a blog post that summarizes Fowler's stages!




Stephen Hale