Episode 1.3: Good Foundations

This episode, we interview Brad Fiscus, who oversees young people's ministries for the Tennessee Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church. Or to put it another way: it's his job to help small church youth workers lead effective youth ministries. He talks about basic systems we need, and basic principles of healthy youth programs. 

He's also the author of Small(er) Church Youth Ministry: No Staff, No Money, No Problem, along with Stephanie Caro of Ministry Architects. If you found his interview helpful, the book is packed full of similar insights.

Now, you could click the Amazon link and buy this book (which should be one of the first books any of us read on Youth Ministry), but why not get it for free instead? Tag us on Instagram or Facebook, and we'll send you a free copy of the book. At least, we'll do that for the first three people to tag us!

Show Notes:

We didn't talk about a ton of resources this episode, except for Brad & Stephanie's book.

Brad listed off a few resources he assigns to his cohorts. He assigns:
His own book, and Sustainable Youth Ministry by Mark DeVries, like we do in almost every episode. Mark runs Ministry Architects, where Stephanie Caro also works. Stephanie Caro, of course, helped Brad write Small(er) Church Youth Ministry

He also uses the Sticky Faith resources, which we've mentioned before. Sticky Faith is an entire research project with lots of resources, but the basic book can be found here. However, look for the Fuller Youth Institute's blog and other books. 

Brad can be reached at brad.fiscus@tnumc.org


Stephen Hale