Episode 1.2: The Advantages of Small Churches

This episode is all about the things that make small churches great at youth ministry. There are lots of strengths in small churches, and we figure out how to leverage those strengths in this episode. 


We interview Kellen Roggenbuck, who also blogs at Handy Dandy Youth Ministry.


Show Notes:

Andrew Root: Revisiting Relational Youth Ministry

Haydn Shaw talks about generational issues. Here’s a few links to get your feet wet with his perspective. 20 Truths From Generational IQ  over at Christianity Today, and a Ted Talk called Why Half of what You Hear About Millennials is Wrong. 

Sticky Faith, the book, is here on Amazon, but the Fuller Youth Institute has a great blog. It has lots of free resources. 

Growing Young is here on Amazon, but again, that Fuller Youth Institute blog...


Kellen mentioned:

Lead Small, and the good people over at Orange. This is a link to their blogs, but you should know they have about 6 product lines (all of which are fantastic). It's a lot to sort out, but almost all of it is very helpful.

 Meet Generation Z


youthworker.com is the Youth Worker Journal's blog

Youth Specialties has a great blog, and it might be the biggest youth ministry blog. 

Sustainable Youth Ministry, by Mark DeVries. It's the same book EVERYONE mentions. So read it!


Patricia mentions:

Stranger God, by Richard Beck.       



Stephen Hale